Located in a beautiful area 13km from the site of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, on 7,2 hectares is Loutraki Pozar.The name comes from the words "po" and "zar" meaning "under fire". This is a land of lush, natural harmony and many special attractions. This special landscape combines the wildness and grandeur of a natural miracle: a ravine created by magnificent rocky mountains where the river Toplitsa runs forming small waterfalls and shallow riverbeds along its bangs.


The river is created by springs at an altitude of about 360-390 meters,which are in turn fed by rainwater that penetrates the ground and reaches a large depth.After is heats up,it rises to the top enriched with minerals beneficial ingredients.


The intense natural landscape dominates the area and human intervention has come about with minimal change to the landscape's sculpture.To serve bathers,we have created individual baths,indoor and outdoor Olympic size pools specially designed along the river.Walking,hiking,and other outdoor activities are made possible because of bridges and trails that follow the topography of the land.Some trails and up in the caves that surround the resort and are the first Cave Park in Greece.The park consists of 17 caves and caverns,as well as paleontological discoveries that have been found inside testify to the area as being inhabited since the Neolithic Age.Many are displayed in the Physiographical-Folklor e Museum of the Baths and are accompanied by rich photographic material.


Loutra Pozar is a destination that combines two keys elements of Greek nature:time carved from the Earth the running water that comes from six sources and is famous for its medicinal properties.